Encareo: Giving your business that extra edge

Founded in 2008, we supply ERP and business intelligence software to businesses that require that “extra edge’ in a competitive business environment.
We provide Greentree ERP, Interactive Reporting and fast, professional customer service. All our products are reliable, user friendly and utilise only the latest technology.

Why buy from us?

Your business is important to us. And we understand that to be competitive you need the latest technology and reliable customer service. This is why we take a long-term approach to business and enjoy building firm working relationships with our clients.

You can have confidence that when you contact us, your queries will be diagnosed and sorted fast. We’re pretty good at “tuning in” to your level of technical ability, so we won’t baffle you with technical language and we’ll communicate accordingly.

It’s all about getting you up and running as painlessly as possible.

How we offer better value

Over the years, we have worked on many projects and built up vast amounts of knowledge and experience. For you, this means that we generally know your requirements — we’ve done it all before — so there is little consultation time needed during the specification stage. We also work flexible operating hours, so projects are delivered quickly.

Try before you buy

You need to get used to our products and see how they will improve your business before you make a financial commitment. This is why we offer a trial period before you buy.

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How we continue to improve

In today’s business environment, nobody can afford to stand still. This is why we listen to our customers and are always looking for ways to improve our software and processes.


Ger Carroll – Operations Manager – on Encareo customer service

I still remember the day I installed my first ERP package back in 1988. There was no office technology back then and when I arrived our first hurdle was trying to find a power socket for the new PC. After powering up and following repeated insertion of floppy disks we were up and running. After initial setup, end user training and hand holding during data entry the customer ultimately had to be left alone with their new system. As soon as the first query arose the customer entered the world of IT support.

There was no remote access and core principles of customer relations were established back then as the speed of support queries depended on the interaction of customer and support person. To deliver a great service one had to quickly estimate the skill level of the customer and then ask a series of questions to try and pin point the issue. Once the issue was diagnosed the customer had to be instructed on to fix the issue themselves. Depending on the location of the customer sometimes it was more efficient to jump in the car and go on site.

Today, with the aid of the internet and several remote access solutions customer support is a lot easier. Even though problem solution is quicker in Encareo we always aim to make the interaction a positive one by adding value. After each support call we aim to make sure that the customer has learned something new, was glad that they placed the call and are left with the feeling that they can place a further call which will be received in the same welcoming manner.

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