Read these brief case studies to learn how our clients gained an “extra edge” using Interactive Reporting software.

Punch Industries

Punch IndustriesChallenge: With a sales force spread over four countries, Punch Industries needed a user-friendly solution that would allow fast access to accurate and detailed sales reporting.

Solution: Encareo’s web-based Interactive Reporting gives sales people easy access to sales reports in a format that they are comfortable with from anywhere in the world.
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Clarks Toymaster, Cavan

ClarksFrancis Clark, of Clarks Toymaster, needed a flexible reporting solution that would deliver information at the click of a button and give his business an “extra edge.” Interactive Reporting delivered this and a key benefit for Francis was the support offered by the local team at Encareo. Francis appreciated how Encareo worked with him to ensure he got the most from the system and, as a result, he now recommends Interactive Reporting software to other retailers.

Clonleigh Co- Op, Donegal

clonleighClonleigh Co-op is an agri co-op and retail store. They have used Interactive Reporting since 2009 and, during that time, doubled their number of users. Gareth Patterson (Director) explains: “Prior to Interactive Reporting, running a report could take up to four minutes and over a week; this resulted in several lost hours waiting for reports.” He believes that Interactive Reporting is a “powerful tool” and has transformed how Clonleigh Co-op orders products. A key report for Gareth and his team is one that shows sales during the previous year for the coming 60-day period combined with current stock levels. This helps with day-to-day stock inventory and ordering. Equally, Gareth finds the comparison of sales for the same period the previous year to be very useful for monitoring year-on-year sales.

Homestore and More

homestoreWith over 13 stores nationwide, Homestore and More have found Interactive Reporting generates, quickly and efficiently, all the reports their head office needs to assess activity levels throughout their group of stores. As a market leader, this is a key requirement.  Don Maher says: “Our Monday morning sales meetings used to be held at midday as it took several hours to generate our sales figures. Now, with the aid of Interactive Reporting, we are ready at 8:30 am.”

Inform Nutrition

Inform-NutritionBased in Cork, Inform Nutrition Ireland is a leading manufacturer of animal nutritional products. Inform Nutrition use Interactive Reporting to assess their sales. Tony Sheahan, from Inform Nutrition, says the introduction of their export company, Mervue Laboratories, to Interactive Reporting was seamless. This enabled them to manage two supply chains and assess sales between the two companies. Tony also noted that the “favourites” option presented an easy training tool for someone joining the team. The bespoke report can be devised to include the information they need at hand on a daily basis, enabling them to work competently with the software from the outset. Tony also pointed out that retrieving existing and historical information presents no risk of deleting data. Overall, Tony has found Interactive Reporting to be a very easy system to learn and understand and can be tailored to individual requirements.

KIT Industrial Trading

KITFounded over 30 years ago, KIT Industrial Trading import and distribute protective clothing and use both Greentree and Interactive Reporting. Justin Morton (owner) found Interactive Reporting to be a very useful tool, particularly for sales and purchasing. From a sales angle, information like margins, profitability and overall year-on-year sales trends, is readily available. Interactive Reporting also enables them to manage their purchases. KIT Industrial Trading deal with long lead times, so they must have easy access to historical data for each product line. Interactive Reporting allows them to look at this data and assess individual lines from their suppliers.

Portwest Group

PortwestMartin Foran (Portwest Group National Sales Manager) chose Interactive Reporting because he needed a system that enabled remote access to all necessary sales reports. Portwest currently have two shops in Westport, a shop in Galway and a franchise shop in Dundalk as well as their website. Therefore, they required a system that encompasses all sales streams. Being a secure web-based system, Interactive Reporting provided this solution.
Orla Hynes (marketing department in the Portwest Group) finds Interactive Reporting to be a solid solution when focusing on sales. A key benefit for her is that the system is very easy to use and manipulate. Interactive Reporting is very straight forward. Orla needs to be able to extract both retail and wholesale sales information quickly and then forward sales reports within the company. Her favourites list makes this easy.

Southern Tapes

stapesSouthern Tapes of Cork was established in 1984. As a growing company, Tony Lee (owner) uses Interactive Reporting for his sales. It allows him to obtain breakdowns of margins, manage his sales team and track sales activities. A key benefit Tony identified is that Interactive Reporting stopped Southern Tapes from time wasting with products that were not yielding a suitable margin. With Interactive Reporting full transparency is at your fingertips in terms of margins, yields and volume. You can analyse your business in real time and gain an “extra edge” against competitors. Southern Tapes buy a lot of goods in sterling, so there is a risk of going into negative territory in terms of exchange rates. So, Encareo created a report to enable them to track the exchange rate accordingly. This demonstrates how Interactive Reporting can adapt to a company’s needs.

Tony says Interactive Reporting is a great piece of software. Southern Tapes have been working with it now for five years and it has been fully embraced by his whole team.

Westward Scania

As the Scania distributor for Ireland, there are many sides to Westward Scania’s business: trucks, buses and coaches; engines, used vehicles, servicing and their webshop. Westward Scania’s Ray McDonnell needed an integrated system that could harness all aspects of their business. Since incorporating Interactive Reporting, Ray has found the results he was looking for. Ray explains that he needed software that was user friendly and enabled him and his team to jump between reports, a key reason for choosing Interactive Reporting with Encareo. The software beds in very easily to your company and Encareo provide technical back up at the other end of the phone should you require it. Ray explains that Interactive Reporting is a great fit for SMEs needing competitively-priced and intelligent business reporting to gain a true insight into their business.

Donnybrook Fair

dbf-logoThe Donnybrook Fair brand has gone from strength to strength in recent years. Their name has become synonymous with high-quality food and service, which is fitting as their ethos is “Devoted to Food.” Throughout their delis, restaurants, cookery schools and food-service outlets, Donnybrook Fair utilise Interactive Reporting.

From their head office, Interactive Reporting enables Donnybrook Fair to oversee the business from a goods inwards perspective to when those goods are invoiced and also see how this balances with store sales enabling them to move products within their stores as demand requires.

Quality is at the core of what Donnybrook Fair represents. This matches our business approach at Encareo as we continually strive to deliver that “extra edge” to our clients.

Barry Group

barry-groupBarry Group was founded in 1955 and since then has become a leading force in Ireland’s wholesale distribution chain. Within their business framework, the Barry Group has a large number of Interactive Reporting users connecting from different locations, perfectly illustrating how Interactive Reporting enables larger companies to scale up in accordance with their requirements. This is a true example of how flexible and tailored the software is in terms of your specific company needs.