Punch Industries implements Interactive Reporting


With a sales force spread over four countries, Punch Industries needed a user-friendly solution that would allow fast access to accurate and detailed sales reporting.


Encareo’s web-based Interactive Reporting gives sales people secure easy access to sales reports in a format that they are comfortable with from anywhere in the world.


Sales people are more able to access and analyse their sales data.


punch-logoIreland’s Punch Industries is renowned for high-quality shoe-care products. They are also the inventors and manufacturers of Colour Catcher ® — a revolutionary eco-friendly sheet designed to protect clothing from colour runs whilst being washed.

Punch is part of the Spotless Group and, from their factory in Cork, is responsible for supplying distribution businesses in Dublin, Holland, Belgium and Switzerland.

New reporting system needed

Before Interactive Reporting was implemented, Punch used a mixture of Business Objects and Excel files for sales reporting. This method proved problematic as it was time consuming and many of their salespeople found the reports intimidating and difficult to understand.

You need to be a wizard in Excel and you have to install a client and then do a considerable amount of training,”Dermot Hurley, IT Manager, Punch

Because Punch’s sales force is spread throughout four countries, training salespeople on how to read the reports wasn’t easy.

Introducing Interactive Reporting

It was actually Dermot who introduced Interactive Reporting to Punch. He has long been an advocate of the software and has used it in previous companies where he worked.

The challenge

With anything new, there will always be doubters. Dermot understood this and realised that, to get full buy in from the sales people, he needed to convince them that Interactive Reporting was better than Business Objects.

“The main worry was the integrity of the data,” he says. “So, we copied existing reports to enable the sales people to compare them with the new ones generated by Interactive Reporting. After a period of about two or three weeks, they could see that the reports were matching up. This gave them confidence.”

After successfully trialling Interactive Reporting in the Irish domestic market, Punch then introduced it to the rest of their distribution network.

The benefits of Interactive Reporting

Interactive Reporting is designed to a give business an “extra edge” by providing a clear picture of their performance. At the click of a button, information like margins, profitability and year-on-year sales trends can be viewed on a single page.

Dermot likes its simplicity. “It is browser based and has the look and feel of something people are already familiar with, like an Excel file. It gives sales people the confidence to analyse their data … anyone with a small amount of computer literacy can easily understand the information,” he says.

Unlike Business Objects reports, which are flat, Interactive Reporting enables you to get more in-depth information by drilling down into data.

Dermot likes having the ability to chop and change reports on the go — by brand, territory and customer group etc. “You don’t need to re-write a whole report,” he says.
A key feature of Interactive Reporting is that it is web based. For Punch, this means that they can access real-time information from anywhere in the world.

“Our sales people are so remote. I’m not able to travel to Belgium or Holland to guide them through it, so Interactive Reporting’s usability is great,” says Dermot.
Every business is unique and has different requirements. This is why Encareo tailor the software to suit your reporting requirements and cost is dependent on your number of users.

Now that Interactive Reporting has been successfully implemented for sales, Encareo is now working closely with Punch to also roll it out for finance and inventory.

Dermot: “Punch is the third company I’ve brought Interactive Reporting to and every time the people have wondered how they ever did without it.”