Interactive Reporting enables a financial overview of your business that incorporates all streams of revenue and costs. It ultimately shows how profitably you are operating.

By assessing all data sets, you can drill into information required for day-to-day operational and overall strategic decisions.
Finance and budget supervision via Interactive Reporting presents finance managers with a comprehensive view across all data sets, giving an overall picture. Drilling into underlying detailed information is simple and multidimensional.

Interactive Reporting enables finance managers to:
  • Get an overview of the company in terms of revenue, costs and profit
  • Analyse customer performance by product and profitability
  • Source operating ratios that affect everyday decisions outside of the profit and loss ledger and balance sheet
  • Develop, save, disseminate KPIs and set alerts
  • Track credit control and debit management
  • Manage credit terms in relation to contracts
  • Analyse product performance and profitability
  • Analyse HR performance and profitability
  • Analyse operational costs
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