The only constant in a supply chain is change — consumer preferences, market demand, supplier viability, material and transportation costs are volatile and unpredictable.

So, effective inventory management is vital for ensuring your supply chain performs efficiently and profitably. In fact, improving the effectiveness of your supply chain is often the most expedient step to profit.

At Encareo we understand that no department works in isolation; this is why Interactive Reporting reports on how you order stock in terms of timelines from order time to dispatch and how you link this to the logistics side of your business.

A summary of what you can do with Interactive Reporting:
  • Analyse what products you are buying from which suppliers and at what price point and volume
  • Analyse the margins and profits on products
  • Aggregate data to write better contracts and improve category management and item level review
  • Compare Invoice data to GRN data and invoice item data to purchase order contract information
  • Monitor requisition to purchase order to receipt to invoice payment
  • Analyse demand, trends and compare past periods
  • Analyse warehouse performance and stock turns to identify year-on-year trends and ensure you have enough of the right products in stock
  • Analyse logistics and transportation performance and rates

This information will come from multiple sources. Interactive Reporting enables you to manage and share daily information with key partners and suppliers.

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