At Encareo we fully understand that effective sales management requires accurate analysis of performances throughout your business.

Interactive Reporting allows you to quickly and efficiently generate reports which are segmented by sales rep, category, item, customer, brand, channel, country… the possibilities are unlimited.

Interactive Reporting is web based. This means you can quickly access real-time information from anywhere in the world.

So you hit the ground running, we have designed standardised templates and mapping so you do not have to create reports and spreadsheets from scratch.

Interactive graphs and charts provide visuals and reports to help you compare performances for specific time periods, like year on year. Interactive Reporting provides multiple views of data in accordance with the reporting angle you require and you can drill into information without damaging data.

Interactive Reporting gives you actionable sales information like:
  • Sales rep performances by what they are selling to their customers and assessment of yield, margin and volume
  • Identifying your top 50 clients and determining what their buying trends are
  • Conversion of leads and new business opportunities
  • Pricing, volume, margins and frequency, so you can fully understand what your market is responding to and make strategic decisions
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